How I went from Grim to Slim in 21 Days Without Exercise

Hands up, who piled on the pounds over Christmas? My hand is definitely swinging in the air right now! But hey, Christmas is for spending time with your family and friends, being thankful for any presents you receive and of course, for indulging in scrumptious foods.

By the end of December though, I felt flabby, tired and if I’m honest, damn miserable with the way I looked. I felt and looked grim (in my opinion)!

A couple of months before Christmas, I started using Herbalife Nutrition shakes for my breakfast. I managed to lose 4lb in my first week, just from changing my breakfast from cereal to a nutritious shake. I felt great! I then went to New York, ate everything in sight and then came home for Christmas and ate everything in the cupboards there too. NOT a great idea for long term me.

central park new york
A picture of me in Central Park…because why not?
ginger bread men
Mmm gingerbread men

But on 1st January, I decided to join the Herbalife 21 Day Challenge, where you follow a simple nutrition plan, take part in online workouts and get supported by a group of friendly people in a Facebook group who post their meals and motivational support.

For the first few days, I felt great. I was eating well, I had more energy and I started to lose my holiday weight. But then I had a major set-back. My back went into spasm and I was unable to walk, bend, lift or stand for very long. I’m actually still signed off work now and using a walking stick to get around. (I have arthritis so I’m prone to flare-ups)

I honestly thought I was going to fail the challenge because I could barely move, let alone do any exercise. I ALMOST gave up. But with the support of the Facebook group and my Herbalife coach, I carried on with my nutrition plan and ended up getting great results! I mean, the pictures speak for themselves.

lose weight, before after photo
My before and after photos

I’m not exactly where I want to be as I’d love to exercise and be more toned, but the fact that I managed to lose my Christmas weight and drop a dress size whilst sitting on the sofa for weeks on end, just goes to show how important healthy nutrition is.

I feel happier and healthier than ever, and I have Herbalife Nutrition to thank for that.

before after photos
My before and after photos

The January 21 Day Challenge has ended now but I’m continuing to use the products every day. They taste amazing and they make me feel and look fantastic. I’m definitely going to take part in the February Challenge too.

If you’re interested in improving your health or losing weight, feel free to contact me or visit my website JH Nutrition. Herbalife has a range of products to suit your goals AND budget so please contact me if you’re unsure.

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