Blogger Easter Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

To celebrate my blog’s 6 month birthday, I’ve decided to do a fun give-away. And as it’s Easter next weekend, I thought I had better make it as chocolately as possible for my wonderful readers and fabulous Twitter followers. It’s the perfect gift for writers and chocolate lovers!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is read and like this blog post (if you have WordPress, of course, otherwise just reading it is fine), follow my Twitter profile and retweet my pinned tweet promoting this giveaway. Yes, it’s that damn easy!

But let’s have a look at what you could be winning first…

Forever Motivated Easter Giveaway

1. A motivational hanging plaque. After all, my blog is all about motivation so I obviously had to add a little motivational touch.
motivation plaque

2. A “You’re Fabulous” notepad, perfect for writing all your blogging ideas down.

fabulous notepad

3. A Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate egg, a chocolate Easter bunny and a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, just in time for Easter!


4. And last but not least, a pack of 80 colourful post-it notes, an accessory every writer needs for keeping organised.

Colourful post-it notes

It might not be much but I really wanted to do something to say thank-you to my supportive readers and this is just a small gesture to show how much I appreciate every view and every like Forever Motivated gets. When I first started this blog over six months ago, I really didn’t know whether anyone would read it, but the views are growing more and more each day and it’s so motivating for me to carry on writing. A lot of my blog traffic comes from Twitter so that’s the reason why I’m only promoting this giveaway there, because I really feel like Twitter has the best support system for bloggers – small or big, beginners or professionals. So if you’re a new blogger and haven’t got a Twitter account, I really suggest getting on there, you wont be disappointed.

Good Luck! X


(UK only. Ends Wednesday 28th March at 5pm. Winner to be announced at 8pm)

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