10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hi everybody!

Since Gabby Allen (from Love Island) featured my blog on her Instagram story, my traffic’s been going crazy. (YAY!) I’m so thankful that so many of you are enjoying reading my blog posts; it means so much to me.

Anyway, I realised that even though there’s a page on here called ‘Behind the Words,’ there’s still not much information about me and the things I like to do. So I thought I’d create a short blog post with some fun facts about me and my life. I love reading other bloggers’ ‘About Me’ pages so I thought I’d just give it a go, even though it’s not quite based on motivation.

Let’s get started…


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  1. I’m 5ft nothing. I’m always the shortest one in a group and I used to be really self conscious about it. I’m not anymore though!
  2. I have scoliosis and had two spinal surgeries to correct it. One, when I was 16 where they put two metal rods either side of my spine and 14 pins and screws. And two, when I was 21 to remove all the metal work as I was allergic to it. It’s a very long and on-going story which I can write about in another post if anyone wants to know more about it. 
  3. I have a degree in Creative Writing BA and graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2014. gradu
  4. I have no sense of smell. I have no idea why either, I’ve just never been able to smell. I also find it awkward bringing it up in front of people, especially when they hold something in front of my nose and say ‘Ooh, smell this.’ Sometimes I just pretend to smell just to avoid an awkward conversation. It sounds silly, but I am quite self conscious about it.  
  5. I enjoy running. I used to go 4 times a week during the summer months but now it’s winter I tend to go about once a week. I’m pushing myself to go more now though. 19511554_10155517863123993_8966604343121113958_n
  6. I have naturally curly hair. I used to absolutely hate it in school, especially as kids used to stick stuff in it “for a laugh.” I would tie it in a tight pony tail or bun every single day and never ever wear it down, just because I wanted to hide it from everyone. I’ve learned to love it as I’ve got older though.
  7. I have a dog called Billy, who you’ll see a lot on my Instagram if you follow me on there. I got him when I was 16. 17523015_10155222459878993_3025969915575614773_n
  8. I work full time as a Marketing & Sales Administrator and freelance write in my spare time. 
  9. I have a boyfriend called Kevin who I’m extremely happy with. We had a very rocky start to our relationship 3 years ago and have only been “official” for 2 years. He’s my rock though and I wouldn’t change our journey for the world. We’re hoping to move in with each other later this year and we’re also saving for a mortgage. He’s definitely the one. 

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  10. I have chronic back pain which I’ve had since I was 16 and I can’t go a day without taking strong painkillers. I’m a very positive person though and realise that there are so many much worse things out there, so I live my life to the fullest as much as I can. I just have to rest more than the average 25 year old. If you’re also a chronic pain warrior then do get in touch because I have lots of great advice to give and I also love hearing from others who are going through the same thing. 

    And just in case you’re wondering, my favourite colour is purple, my favourite movie is Rocky IV and my favourite artist is Michael Jackson, with Beyonce a close second.So there we go, a few facts about me. I’d love to know if we have anything in common, so post a message in the comment section or write to me on Twitter!

7 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Loved meeting you… would love to hear your tips on chronic pain… not for myself but for the free group I hold locally… looking at mental and physical wellness with big compassionate eyes and allowing it to be part of your natural awakening process. Take care, love barbara x

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  2. Oops! I can see that I was still signed into my UTLOT blog, and I see that you are following that blog. Thanks for being so kind as to follow my Equpping and UTLOT blogs. Please have a very good day.

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