10 Low Budget Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

valentines day date ideas

The day of love has come around again. Heart shaped chocolates are on the shelves in the shops, romantic movies are out in the cinema (Fifty Shades, anyone?) and the colour red is splattered just about everywhere.

If you have a valentine but not a lot of money, then this blog post is for you. I’ve come up with 10 cheap-as-chips date ideas for you and your boo, so sit back, relax, and pick one of my upcoming ideas to make this Valentine’s Day the cutest ever!

1. Build forts out of furniture and blankets, and snuggle up to a romantic movie…or a horror movie if you want to put a twist on things.

2. Go for an evening walk and talk your hearts out. And don’t take your phones! I mean, how often does anyone do this anymore?

cute couple walking

3. Play hide and seek. Okay, you may find this a little immature depending on your nature, but c’mon, it’ll be fun.

4. Play strip poker. Need I say more?

playful couple

5. Cook each other different course meals. You can cook dinner and your other half can cook you a dessert. Light some candles and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a romantic date.

dinner and drinks

6. Go to your local shop together and buy all the tasty snacks you can get. Go home, choose a movie you’ve both never seen before, cuddle up and gorge.

7. Put together a picnic and drive to your nearest beach or park (depends on where you live, obvs). Open up a blanket and if you’re really in the mood, light some candles. Then snuggle up and eat until your heart’s content.

beach date

8. Create your very own spa night. Give each other relaxing massages, put face masks on each other and cuddle up in a bubble bath.

Spa Night

9. Bake your favourite cakes together.

10. Play a board game, like monopoly. Make it interesting by having your own rules e.g. forfeits, truths, strip teases; you get my drift!


Have a fun and happy Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget, if you’re a single pringle this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day of love. Most of the ideas above can be for one person too. You might want to skip the strip poker though!

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