5 Reasons Why You Need To Download The ‘Shape Up With Gabby Allen’ App Now!

It’s the beginning of January and as always, there are so many fitness guides, apps, DVDs and books on offer which are “guaranteed to get you into shape.” We’ve heard it all before though, right? We buy the DVD, we feel really motivated and promise ourselves to stick to it every day…but after a few days, we stop putting our all into the exercises, and by the time January is over, we’ve stopped exercising altogether. I mean, who were we kidding? We don’t have 45 minutes everyday to waste doing exercise. We have busy lives! We’re working women!

So, I’ll be honest, I was a little pessimistic when I heard Gabby Allen was bringing out a fitness app. I mean, there are so many celebrities doing the same thing, whether it be with apps, guides or DVDs. But I can always remember watching Love Island in the summer of 2017 thinking how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Gabby’s body was. She was petite (like me) with rock hard abs and a figure to die for! And it was also known that she was a qualified and successful personal trainer. So after thinking about it, I ended up getting more than excited about her app coming out. She would be able to show us just how she got her body! And unlike other reality stars, she was doing all the workouts way before she appeared on TV. So she definitely knows her stuff.

So on January 1st, I opened the App Store on my phone and went straight to Gabby’s app (Shape Up With Gabby Allen). I was a little worried it would be expensive or I would have to subscribe to a monthly fee, which to be honest I probably would have done, but I was more than impressed when the price was only £2.99! AND it was just a one-off payment – even better!


The app is so easy to use, with tabs such as “How it works,” “Exercises,” “Build Your Workout” and “Reminder.” There’s nothing difficult about the use of the app at all!

Each exercise is divided into focus sections, like abs, back, bum etc which makes it easy to decide what workout you want to do. And do you know what the best bit about the app is? Each exercise is less than 5 minutes long! Now we might moan about having to do a gruelling 45 minute workout at the gym or to a fitness DVD but we can’t really complain about a pesky 5 minutes! Everyone can fit a few minutes into their day to do at least one exercise from the app.

gabby allen, workout

The exercises suit every ability, so if you’re a beginner or pro, the right exercise will be on the app for you. I’ve done 5 complete workouts (abs, bum, back, arms & legs = 25 minutes per day) since the beginning of January and I can notice a difference already. My abs are starting to feel a bit harder and my legs feel stronger too. I’m actually looking forward to comparing my before and after photos in a few weeks to see the difference.

So if you’re struggling to decide which celebrity fitness regime to go with this year, I definitely recommend Shape Up With Gabby Allen!

  1. It’s easy to use

  2. Every exercise is only 5 minutes long

  3. You can focus on any specific part of the body you want to

  4. You can create your own workout to suit your day

  5. You’re getting a REAL workout from a REAL professional (And also, Gabby’s directions are really simple, helpful and motivating)

So what are you waiting for? Go to the App Store today and download Shape Up With Gabby Allen. 

(P.S. If, like me, you have scoliosis or have had spinal surgery then you should definitely consider trying out the app. Gabby Allen had scoliosis correction surgery too which makes it even more motivating knowing we’re getting the exercises from another Scoliosis Warrior who’s been through the same thing.)

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