20 Christmas Gifts Under £20

It’s 2 weeks until Christmas Day! I actually can’t believe how bloody fast this year has gone. In 3 weeks time it’ll be New Year’s Day. Crazy, right?!

Now if you’re anything like me, you’d have bought all your Christmas presents last month (or the month before that) and wrapped them all up in sparkly paper and curly ribbons. BUT if you’re still struggling with ideas on what to get your loved ones then you’re in the right place! I’ve got dozens of ideas on gifts for your brothers, your sisters, your Mum, your Dad, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, everyone! I’m no good with kids though so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that. I hear Toys R Us are great? Anyway, everybody knows I love a bargain so all these gift ideas are under £20!

20 Christmas Gifts Under £20

For the lady in your life

Purple Poetic Droplet Ring – £19 Pandora

Pandora ring

Patisserie Valerie Tea & Cake Set – £14.29 Debenhams


For the gentleman in your life

Gift Day Experience – from £19.99 Getting Personal Online Store

Craft Beer Selection with Beer Glass – £13.59 Debenhams


Mr Right and Mrs Always Right Mug Set – £12.50 Debenhams

For your best friend

Bambi Soothing Bath Soak – £2.79 Asos


Fluffy Santa Socks – £3 Asos

For your mother

Family Portrait Experience – £16.99 Getting Personal Online Store

Red Wine & Chocolate Gift Set – £15 Marks & Spencer

Beauty & the Beast Rose Bath Petals – £3.49 Asos

Beauty and the beast

For your father

Coin Sorter – £18 Debenhams

Sipsmith Distillery Gift Set – £10 Debenhams


For your sister

River Island Girl Tribe Notepad – £4 Asos

River island

Fluffy Hot Water Bottle Set with Socks – £10.50 Debenhams

Fluffy hot water bottle

For your brother

Virtual Reality Headset with HD Stereo Headphones – £9.99 Maplin Electronics

Ring of Fire Chilli Vodka Set – £14 Debenhams (18+)

And for everybody else!

Cosy Treat Gift Box – £12 Marks & Spencer

Gift box

Costa Latte Glasses – £12.79 Debenhams

Chocolate Lovers Set – £13.20 Debenhams

Great Nights In War Classics with DVDs & Popcorn – £12.95 Debenhams

Happy shopping!

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