12 Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated This Christmas

christmas, santa, fitness

The holiday season is finally upon us (woo!) and I couldn’t be more excited! The festive decorations, the Christmas songs, the winter parties, the family gatherings, the gifts, mulled wine, candy-canes…need I go on? Christmas really is my favourite time of year as everybody seems in such a good mood and there are so many fun events to attend. BUT what if I can’t fit into my gorgeous dresses I’ve bought for the fancy Christmas parties next month? Well, not only will I end up having an end-of-year breakdown, I’ll either end up not going or I’ll turn up in a frumpy outfit that I hate. This CANNOT happen! And I’m not going to let it. I’ve made a promise to myself to continue writing a food diary so I can keep on top of what I’m eating and eliminate all the bad foods, and to do my daily workouts all the way up until Christmas Day. No way am I going to stop myself from eating all the scrumptious festive foods this season, I mean Christmas only comes once a year, but I’m going to eat in moderation and stay on top of my fitness.

Here are some Christmas quotes, tips and pictures I’ve found to keep me motivated this holiday season. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you too! (Some of them are just for fun because, well, if you can’t have fun at Christmas, when can you, eh?)










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