Why Getting up 15 Minutes Earlier Could Make Your Day a Thousand Times Better

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Are you one of those people who rushes around in the morning before leaving for work? Do you quickly gulp down your breakfast, or maybe even skip it? Do you feel like you’re racing against time every single day? Yes? Then you should definitely keep reading.

I used to be one of those people. My alarm would go off at 6am every single day. I would do a short workout, quickly have a shower, get dressed and fix my hair and face, then run downstairs to have breakfast before flying out the door to my car. My whole routine Monday to Friday was sleeping, working, eating and back to sleep again. I felt like I had no life during the week.

mornings, routine, life, hair

I was like that for about a year and half until I found another job – an even better job might I add. I decided to tweak my routine a little in the mornings and set my alarm 15 minutes earlier so that I would have time to do what I wanted. Now, I have longer showers, I don’t rush my breakfast, and I have an extra few minutes to relax. I either catch up on the news or social media or watch some morning television. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s made me feel so much happier. I don’t feel like such a zombie throughout the week and I’ve actually started to look forward to getting up in the mornings.

Little changes really do make a big difference. If you feel like you don’t have much time to yourself during your working week then try setting your alarm just a little bit earlier and see how you get on. It’s so important to have some you-time each day and if that means getting up a little earlier then so be it. The way you start your morning will have a knock-on effect for the rest of your day. So start it well. Don’t rush or scoff your breakfast down. Relax and take some time for you!

mornings, routine, coffee, British,

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