5 Things to do Every Sunday to Make Your Week More Productive

sunday, relax

Ahh, Sundays. Don’t you just love them? There’s no better feeling than sleeping in with no alarm and just lazing around for the whole morning. But then it reaches about 5pm, the new week jitters are creeping their way in and before you know it, you’ve started worrying about the week ahead.

I’ve created this list of just 5 things to do every Sunday to prevent you from worrying about that dreaded Monday morning. I’m not saying the end-of-the-weekend slump isn’t going to hit you – it probably will – but as long as you do these 5 things throughout your Sunday, your week ahead is guaranteed to be more productive and more stress-free.

sunday, relax

  1. Tidy your house (bedroom, apartment, studio etc) – So you might not want to do this on your lazy Sunday but trust me, it’s much better doing it on a weekend rather than getting out the broom on a weekday when you’re tired from work. You’ll feel much more relaxed throughout the week knowing you’ve cleaned your space.
  2. Write down your weekly goals – Get out a pen and notepad and set some goals for the upcoming week. It’s much better to write down your goals and place them somewhere you can see, like on your fridge. Tick them off as the week goes by.
  3. Set a meal plan for the week – To make your week less stressful, plan the meals you’re going to have each day for lunch and for dinner. Or even better, prepare them and keep them in the fridge/freezer. That way, you’ll be saving time during the week so you’ll have more you-time after work.
  4. Plan your weekday outfits – Rummage through your wardrobe and pick out your outfits for the week. This should give you more time in the mornings to do other things … like staying in bed for an extra 5 minutes!
  5. Have some you-time – Now this one is very important. There’s no point in having a weekend off work if you’re not actually going to use it. Make sure you have some time for yourself to wind down. Maybe listen to some music whilst you’re in the bathtub, read a book or catch up on your favourite show.

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