8 Must-Have Items to Keep With You on Flare Days With Chronic Pain

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For those with chronic pain

We all have those days which are worse than others. You know the days that I’m talking about. The ones where we can’t get out of bed in the morning; the ones where painkillers aren’t helping; the ones where our brains aren’t functioning. Yeah, you know the ones. One thing I have noticed about those days, is that you need to be prepared for them!

Being chronic pain sufferers, we do things others wouldn’t dream of doing on our pain levels. And you know why? Because we’re troopers! Because we’re warriors! But, there will come days when we need to be honest with ourselves and let ourselves rest. We need to know when to say no to our families and friends. We need to take time out and take care of ourselves.

So once you’ve finally allowed yourself to take a day (or two) for yourself, make sure you have this list of must-haves for those living with chronic pain.

  • Medication – This is one of the most important ones, hence why it’s number one on the list. Being chronic pain sufferers, we’re used to being on medication constantly. But we need to make sure that we’ve got enough to last, so that we don’t end up running out and having to wait for a new prescription. So make sure you keep on top of all your meds, and have some extra strong ones in the cupboard for those flare-ups. medication, pills, chronic pain,
  • Comfy pillows – For the days when we need lots and lots of rest, we need to make sure that we have a comfortable place to relax, and I don’t just mean our beds. We need extra soft and fluffy (if that’s your preference as well as mine) pillows we can take everywhere in the house. I always have a bulk of pillows nestling behind me whether I’m on the sofa, at the dinner table or in my bed. sick, chronic pain, comfort,
  • A hot water bottle – These babies aren’t just for winter! Heat soothes a lot of aches and pains so a nice hot water bottle is essential when you’re cuddled up in bed or on the sofa. hot water bottle, winter, sick,
  • Heat pads/ice packs – Now we all have different methods for easing our chronic pain; some prefer to use heat and some prefer to use chilled accessories on their place of pain. I personally prefer heat but I always have an ice pack in the freezer ready for when I need a change. heat pads for chronic pain
  • Sweatpants – These are a definite necessity for those flare-up days. If you don’t have any comfy pants then pyjamas will work just fine as well. You need to make sure you’re wearing your comfiest clothes as they’ll make your day just that little bit easier. chilled girl
  • Netflix – We all need something to keep us occupied on our bad days but also something that takes no effort in doing. That’s where Netflix comes in. Unwind on the sofa and get lost in your favourite TV show or movie. night-television-tv-theme-machines
  • Comfort food – Flare up days are not the days to be sticking to a diet. Let yourself relax and eat anything which brings you comfort. I usually eat popcorn and chocolate. food, chocolate, cookies, winter,
  • Phone – Make sure you have your phone nearby at all times, just in case you need someone to call when the pain gets too much. pexels-photo-225232

If you’re a chronic pain warrior, like myself, let me know what things help you through your flare up days.

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