7 Must-haves for Your Home this Halloween that wont Break the Bank

It’s that time of year again. Leaves are turning brown and dropping from the trees, the evenings are getting darker, our houses are getting colder (well mine is anyway) and the shops are stocking up on all things Halloween.

It’s only two weeks until Halloween and if you haven’t planned what you’re doing yet then you better start now. Whether you’re going clubbing, throwing a party or going trick-or-treating with the kids, you need to make sure you have these must-have items for your home on the spooky day. I’ve been searching for all things scary-but-fun that wont break the bank. I’m currently saving up to move house so I definitely don’t have the cash to splash at the moment, hence why I searched for these cheap and cheerful Halloween items for us!

shopping (1)Terrifying Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is chilling enough to give anyone a fright! Swap it with your usual shower curtain this October to spook your family and friends. £12.16 from Dress Lily





halloween, skull, decorationsBloody Creepy Cloth

Spook up your home with this creepy cloth from Party Delights, only £1.99.





witch, halloween

Wicked Witch Legs

Add some fun to your garden this Halloween with some witch legs, £11.99 from Lights 4 Fun.





halloween Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber

Give someone a fright in the bathroom this Halloween by sticking this toilet seat grabber on, only £1.99 from Party Rama.






table piece, halloweenFright Night Table Centrepiece

Put this creepy centrepiece in the middle of your dinner table to give your dining area a Gothic look. £2.79 from Party Pieces.




shoppingZombie Garden Gnome

Strike some fear into your neighbours this Halloween by buying this zombie gnome for your garden. £9.99 from Cool Stuff.




79abbb48-6a4a-47b0-bea5-fd09cad842b7Freaky 3D Stickers

Stick these terrifyingly realist stickers around your home to create a haunted and spooky atmosphere, only £3.60 from New Chic.





Have a fangtastic Halloween!


6 thoughts on “7 Must-haves for Your Home this Halloween that wont Break the Bank

  1. Not Quite An Adult says:

    I’m pretty sure if I walked into someone’s place and they had that shower curtain I’d run away and never look back hahahah


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